1% campaign for a dog shelter

1% campaign for a dog shelter

Vigyél Haza Foundation

For a small dog shelter 1% tax donations are vital for their survival. To raise awarness of its importance, we created a surprising campaign - with a twist.

The results

Gained 72% more revenue for the Foundation from 1% tax donations compared to 2017. The campaign was recognised with a Golden Effie award.

The challenge

In Hungary during tax declaration people can donate 1% of their personal income tax to a civil organisation or a foundation. This is extremely important as more than 50% of the foundations’ income comes from this source. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to do this – mainly because they forget about it. How can we emphasize the importance of this type of donation in the name of a small dog shelter foundation called Vigyél Haza (Take Me Home)?

The solution

The Internet is overloaded with videos of cute animals - and we love watching these. So, we created a fake Facebook account sending people to a fake website (, meaning, where they could watch videos of cute dogs.

The twist: the videos stopped loading at 99%, because 1% was missing. This is how we encouraged people to donate their 1% on the foundation’s website.