The Biggest Shopping App Launch Campaign

The Biggest Shopping App Launch Campaign


The Tesco online store has been very successful in Hungary. Tesco wanted to respond to popular demand by introducing the mobile app version of the online store. They gave us the task of launching the product with an online film.

The results

The campaign film was watched by almost 150,000 people on YouTube. Tesco Poland contacted the Hungarian client with an offer to buy and adapt the film.

The challenge

How can we demonstrate a product in a way that is enjoyable to watch?

The main message was, “From now on you can order with mobile from Tesco’s”. We had to dramatize this in a film and make it enjoyable and shareable.

The solution

“Everything will be at your hands in the world’s smallest Tesco store”

In the film, we demonstrated that the application turns your smartphone into a mini Tesco store. We imagined what a breakfast situation would look like if you could immediately purchase everything from your smartphone. We also integrated OOH media to complement the commercial, by using the outdoor surfaces to dramatize the “World’s smallest Tesco” concept. We even transformed of the citylight-boxes into a “real” mini Tesco.