More Than Just a Service Provider

More Than Just a Service Provider


A brand that wants to position itself as a partner doesn’t just advertise and sell - it also cares about how its technology affects people’s lives. Telekom is a partner that helps us find the meaning of technology in our lives. It inspires and motivates.

The results

The campaign out-performed its original communication and business goals. Clients see Telekom as a more inspiring, human and authentic brand since the launch of the platform.

The challenge

Telekom became an integrated service provider

With the merger of T-Mobile and T-Home in 2014, Telekom became an integrated service provider. To keep its market leadership, in the long term, Telekom has to give more than its competitors. We had to create a new communication platform to show this.

The solution


The new platform explains how Telekom's services and technology can make someone’s life more exciting and meaningful, by telling real stories of real people.