Life is For Sharing: The Cake Test

Life is For Sharing: The Cake Test


We made this experimental video for our client, Hungarian Telekom.

The results

The Telekom Cake-Test video has become one of the most successful online ads in Hungary. The campaign film was viewed by 500,000 people within 48 hours.

The challenge

Life is for sharing.

The brand believes that sharing is instinctively important and it doesn’t matter whether you share it online or offline. We wanted to test this ’Life is for sharing’ message with a real experiment.

The solution

4 kindergarten groups. 5 hidden cameras. 16 hours long recording.

So we showed a giant cake to selected kids in a kindergarten class, and let them go back to their group. We were curious to see whether they would keep the secret or share it with the others. We filmed the experiment with 5 hidden cameras to see what happened.