New Head of Experience Design at Isobar Budapest


New Head of Experience Design at Isobar Budapest

After 10 years István Busák re-joined Isobar and became head of the Experience Design (XD) Business Unit which focuses on User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Customer Experience (CX) and Service Design (SD). He is taking Judit Nyikos-Cserni’s position over who is expecting her second child.

After a decade long international career, István came back to Isobar where he led various digital marketing projects for Hungarian and international clients between 2005-2007. Since then he worked at Publicis Modem, Hewlett-Packard, Mito and for Ogilvy. At Ogilvy he managed the CEE and MEA departments, a position which required constant regional strategic planning. He spent the last 6 years in the United Arab Emirates with his family. Here he joined IBM’s newly founded Interactive Experience Division: he not only coordinated the team but also built IBM Studio in Dubai. He has gained a lot of experience in operations management and the application of various methodologies especially in the areas of UX, UI, CX, and SD.

The digital / physical convergence has given way to new opportunities for business innovation.  Some of the smartest brands are not only using technology to enable experiences that transcend the digital and virtual but they are actually developing new products, services and business models that fundamentally change the way people interact with their brand. Isobar XD is at the forefront of initiating and driving this change and innovation for businesses.


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