New Communication Platform and Campaign for Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom renewed its mobile portfolio and created a much more transparent system in which everyone can personalize the most ideal mobile plan for themselves with as much talk and net as needed.

Our campaign explains how and why Telekom's new mobile plan-portfolio was created. 

Magyar Telekom sees how you use our services and pays attention to your real needs.

Because of you. Telekom radically changed its portfolio because of you.
The films are basically snapshots taken from different slices of life, and a strong voice is leading us through it. At some points people themselves speak out as well, and add their thoughts to the narrative. After all it's all about them.

The main message of the campaign summed up in one sentence:
Because of him, her, and her... and yes, because of you too, we created the new modular/variable Telekom mobile plans.

Fun facts, behind the scenes:
The shoot in numbers: 3 days, 2 units, 50+ staff, 40 cast , 30 different sets, 5 films, 2 days of photo shooting, 42 litres of coffee, 1 tipped over artificial hedge, 1 female spy from the 50s hidden in the film, 247 grudging looks from the assistant director, 183 minutes full of laughter :-).


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