Isobar Singapore’s innovation experts talk experiential tech


Isobar Singapore’s innovation experts talk experiential tech

The proliferation of digital touch points has made it difficult to deliver on customer expectations. In a session on innovation on the “In Focus” stage as Spikes Asia, Singapore’s Stan Lim, Executive Creative Director and Chye Yong Hock, Innovation Director explained how our approach to technology needs to change, “Brands need to focus on creating real value for customers. This is the only way to succeed in the digital economy.”

In the session, the pair demonstrated how to think “deeper” and “broader” with experiential tech, including AR, VR, AI and voice.  Agencies and brands should be focussing on new technology and its potential to “.. bridge physical and digital realities.” at scale rather than one-off innovations that influence brand perception, but not behaviours.

They also shared creative applications within the retail, government, healthcare and education sectors, that drew from their experience in building a solution for General Motors, currently in use at 110 GM dealerships in Korea and a first for the automotive industry in Asia. Watch the demo here and read about the news of this here.

The pair also talked about emerging platforms that are impacting our behaviours - what we see as the “normal” ways of interacting with brands today will change as technology is becoming increasingly intuitive and ergonomic in design. “AI-driven voice & visual content will transform brands’ ability to connect with consumers.” Stan Lim suggested. Take a look at our work with Diageo as the latest example of where we are taking Amazon Alexa out of the home, and creating a branded experience.

Understanding how people behave with new technology will be instrumental in its development and progress. In the session, Stan & Chye pointed to the world’s first VR emotional measurement platform, created by Isobar US that helps measure and analyse people’s feelings when they are in a mixed reality environment.

At Isobar, we believe that empathy will differentiate brands empowering them to create compelling experiences. Read more in an interview with Stan and Chye on the Isobar Blog.


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