2 million views in 3 days: an experiment for Valentine’s Day

When you spend quality time together, your smartphones can become non-stop distractions. Being continuously aware of irrelevant news and bothered by notifications can ruin the moment.

Hungarian Telekom’s Valentine’s Day video wanted to draw people’s attention to the responsible usage of smpartphones: „Your mobile bridges the distance if you are far, but keeps you apart when you are close.”

It is always interesting when we show a usual thing in a new perspective. It would be like as if we saw it for the first time. We created a prank video with candid cameras. We spotted couples using their mobiles while having a romantic dinner in a restaurant, and we asked the waiter to continuously disturb them with strange, irrelevant notification messages. The waiter otherwise did not do anything else, just acted like an average mobile phone we are used to accept.

Altogether, the video has reached more than 70% of the Hungarian Facebook users. The video was one of the most shared items (24 000+ shares) on the Hungarian internet on February 13th and during the following days. It got more than 2 million views in just 3 days, and was the most watched video in Hungary on Valentine’s Day.


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