Engaging Experiences

Engaging Experiences

Swire Hotels

Creating a new, flexible and cohesive framework to introduce the brand and properties within Swire Hotels’ House Collective.

The results

The new sites helped increase nights booked by 38%

The challenge

Present a diverse range of unique properties as part of a consistent offering

The ‘House’ properties began in 2008 with the opening of The Opposite House in Beijing, followed by The Upper House in October 2009 and The Temple House in Chengdu in 2015. These small, individual hotels provide highly personalised experiences within uniquely designed spaces, offering engaging and warm experiences for discerning travellers.

While each of the hotels have their own personalities and style, we discovered that there is a consistent philosophy that runs through each of them, and so Isobar was set with the task of presenting the properties as part of a consistent offering from Swire Hotels under the new name of The House Collective.

The solution

An elegant, cohesive and seamless integration of unique properties

The Brand Site
The House Collective ‘brand site’ role was not only to highlight Swire Hotels’ unique properties and dining experiences to the site’s audience, but also to introduce the philosophy and team behind the business. Isobar achieved this through a delicate balance of concise copy, stunning photography and integration of each hotels’ content; drawing from the In-house magazine, press articles, Instagram, Facebook and blogs. All of this content combined to create a simple, yet stylish and responsive site, giving an elegant and rounded snapshot of the business and leading users to the individual property site.

The Hotel Sites
From the street style retail complex of Beijing, to the stylish combination of modern design with elements of traditional Chengdu architecture, the Isobar team allowed the quality and uniqueness of each of the Swire Hotels’ properties to be expressed, while bringing consistency across the group in a consistent yet flexible structure and framework, all sitting on one, enterprise level Content Management System.

An improved user experience led improved revenue
From a brand perspective, the creation of these sites has brought the consistency to the group which Swire Hotels was seeking. In terms of performance, the numbers speak for themselves, with individual properties experiencing significant improvements: 17% increase in revenue 38% increase in nights booked Bounce rate down 10% An increase in visitors from search engines

With full screen imagery, elegant scrolling, integrated social media content, detailed hotel information combined with insights from hotel staff. The hotel sites are a seamless start to the sophisticated, engaging and warm experience that awaits Swire Hotels’ discerning customers.