Vacations Forever

Vacations Forever


How far would you go in order to win "Vacations forever"? If you are like Telemachus then you'd go really far!

The results

Tilemachos reached3M+ users and achieved an impressive rise in sales for Trident Senses during the campaign period.

The challenge

Develop a campaign around a summer on-­pack promotion.

Win holidays forever. That was the promise for those who found the lucky vouchers in Trident packs during the summer. The challenge for us was to create a whole campaign around the on- pack promotion and generate buzz around the contest, mainly through digital media.

The solution

We introduced Tilemachos, the main hero of an anti­campaign, who tried to boycott “Holidays Forever” to keep the gift for himself. Starting from Facebook, he uploaded photos and videos, commented on the page of Trident and interacted with other users to stop them from participating. Unfortunately for Tilemachos, his efforts had the opposite result.