Cavafy 24h

Cavafy 24h

Onassis Foundation - Cavafy Archive

24 hours. 24 milestones in the life of C.P. Cavafy. 24 Instagram stories.
How much can you learn about the great poet in 24h?

The results

1,000,000 reach


1,600 hrs of video content consumed in 24 hrs

The challenge

C. P. Cavafy was a significant figure for western poetry. On the anniversary of his birth, Onassis Foundation, owner of Cavafy Archive, needed a campaign that would introduce the poet to a younger audience

The solution

Dedicate an Instagram account to Cavafy Archive and present his life through 24 Instagram stories, with a 24h lifespan, based on original archive content. A video based on lyrics of his poems generated further buzz and got everyone waiting for the next story!