How to live ‘un-capped’? Ask the Greek farmers.

The results

#Ask_Agrotes reached 3.8m impressions and 1.2m unique twitter users.

The challenge

Made 100% of Greek barley

Amstel beer is made 100% of Greek barley. But not many people knew about it. So, we wanted to praise our 3,000 Greek farmers and connect them with the main brand strategy: ‘Live un-capped’.

The solution

Give the word to our farmers.

Our farmers become the protagonists of the campaign, inspiring city people to stop whining about trivial matters and start living ‘un-capped’. For 14 days, a dedicated team based on a real barley field, collected all the grumble and questions from social media, under the hashtag #Ask_Agrotes. They then wrote, shooted, edited and uploaded personalised video responses, within a couple of hours.