Creating a safe space

Creating a safe space


Welcome to ARCTUROS' new digital shelter.

The results

A roaring rise in website visits, average user time on site and most of all e-­shop sales.

The challenge

A welcoming online home for Arcturos

Arcturos has been working on the protection of wildlife and the natural environment since 1992. Its website is the main medium through which people can learn more about the organization, contribute and/or apply as volunteers. But how could we make all this content more attractive?

The solution

A design that turns the website into a whole new experience.

Arcturos website and e­shop were designed from scratch. Full­screen photos, thin lines, video hovers, slab typography, animation and gravures for the visualisation of the wild animals, make up a unique experience for the visitor. From the first click to the e-shop check­out, has become more welcoming than ever.