The 1st interactive aquarium in ‘fish-tory’

The 1st interactive aquarium in ‘fish-tory’


Combining technologies, we achieved digital to physical interactivity for our users, who can even feed the fish or make real bubbles in the water, with just a click.

The results

185.000+ unique visits from people all over the world in less than 2 weeks and more than 650.000€ in PR value with 0 media spent.

The challenge

Interact with a physical object in real time from your browser.

Imagine an ‘inter-connected universe’ where a digital action can be interpreted into a physical result. This is the internet of things. Creating a system like this is challenging enough. Making it available for everyone to ineract with, from wherever they are, was what made Aquardio unique.

The solution

The internet of... fish.

Our Innovation Lab used different technologies to create one integrated experience. Adobe Media Server allowed us to live stream 3 different web cams to screens around the world. At the same time an Arduino board enabled users to interact with the Aquarium in real time, by feeding the fish or bubbling the water with the click of a button on their pc.