Building a digital business from the ground up

Building a digital business from the ground up


Wyndham is reinventing the model for how people vacation.

The results

Exceeded clients’ expectations with our ability to deliver a wide variety of services including a, first of its kind, VR experience

The challenge

Transform Wyndham’s vacation ownership business by creating engaging experiences that inform and inspire

Wyndham, the largest vacation ownership company in the world, knew they needed a transformation in order to compete with the likes of AirBNB and Homeaway. They needed to meet and exceed the levels of ease and flexibility that a new generation of vacationers has come to expect.

The solution

Develop a new brand and digital experiences that promise vacations where you can be you

A totally unique brand was created for Vacationality by Wyndham. Seven quirky vacation personalities help set the stage while a conversational tone of voice, fun visuals and an inclusive spirit permeated the communications.

The Isobar NowLab led the development of an unforgettable immersive roomscale VR experience that transports guests to three vacation destinations. Using photogrammetry, spherical HDRI and texture photography for raw data capture, our team used the new 360° lens from Sphere and LIDAR laser scanners. We then used the subsequent point cloud data to create a mesh. The mesh was smoothed using Blender and Meshlab and we created photorealistic scenes using 2D and 3D painting. Once the content was optimized, we imported everything into Unity to create the final, photorealistic experience on Vive.

We also designed and devloped a user-friendly membership portal to enable seamless transactions and customized guest experiences. The platform was built on Drupal and hosted on the Acquia Cloud to allow for rapid development and content management flexibility. In addition, the portal was integrated with partners including Salesforce, Pardot, and Sabre.