Fighting Polio alongside the WHO

Fighting Polio alongside the WHO

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Digital's contribution to eradicating Polio from the face of the earth.

The results

A new system to collect, analyse, and report on unlimited data.

The challenge

Managing and actioning Polio-related data is a huge undertaking.

In the fight agains Polio, the World Health Organisation needed a technology solution to collect, analyse and report on the masses of polio-related data generated globally on a daily basis.

The solution

Using technology to handle unlimited data.

We created a system using Microsoft .Net technology, which stores Polio-related case data submitted by countries and regions in a centralized repository at WHO HQ.

The system includes report generation, accepts various file feeds and describes new and existing Polio cases and their linked data, such as laboratory specimen analysis and follow up surveys, to see how effective an immunisation campaign has been.