Brush longer with the push of a button

Brush longer with the push of a button


We created a useful tech service that lives on the bathroom mirror to encourage busy adults to brush their teeth for a full two minutes.

The results

The Brush Button is now beta mode and it’s getting smarter as it learns about people’s daily routines.

The challenge

Get people to brush for 2 minutes

Philips wanted to encourage adults to brush their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes. We needed to inspire healthy brushing behaviour through the intelligent use of technology while helping Philips achieve their mission of improving health and wellness.

The solution

A bathroom assistant with 2 minutes of personalised content

The Bruh Button is a personal bathroom assistant using voice to guide users through the recommended 2 minutes. Living on a bathroom mirror it speaks personalised updates each time you brush your teeth from calendar and commute information to news, music and thoughts for the day. It also offers reminders on dental appointments, changing brush heads and teases if they’ve forgotten to brush.