Helping paper sales take flight

Helping paper sales take flight

Paper + Packaging Board

What happens when you ask the right audience to add a personal touch to a multi-touch world?

The results

20% increase in favorable attitudes toward use of paper & packaging, with over 4 million YouTube and Facebook views

The challenge

Make paper a coveted vehicle for communication

In an increasingly digital and eco-conscious world, paper was falling a little flat. So the Paper & Packaging Board came together in 2013 to try and turn things around. Together, we needed to remind people of the ways paper and packaging help them every day so we could remind them how handcrafted details make all the difference.

The solution

Uncover personal connections with paper and packaging

Using our Multi-Dimensional Profit-Directed Segmentation Model we were able to pinpoint our optimal target—“Expressives”—and study their detailed media habits. MindSight® Motivational Profiling then revealed that they crave feelings of achievement and a deep sense of belonging.

Our insights sparked the “How Life Unfolds” campaign, which provokes these highly motivating emotions and inspires people to put pen to paper.