Re-designing the travel experience

Re-designing the travel experience


We rebuilt Jetstar's customer facing platforms across 22 websites as well as deploying a brand new design language.

The results is now 4 times faster than their competitors and time to book a flight has been reduced by 15%.

Travellers have responded to the new experience, leading to significant revenue and customer satisfaction growth.

The challenge

An experience for the digital age.

Digital has transformed where and how people book travel all over the world. Jetstar, a leading low-cost Australian airline owned by Qantas, needed to ensure it delivered inspiring customer experience and superior service to stay competitive in a crowded market.

The solution

Digital Transformation.

We helped Jetstar focus on the customer from the time they thought about booking a trip through to when they were safely home again.

Buying flights can be stressful, especially when handing over money for travel months in advance. Our idea was to create a customer-oriented, easy experience that would make booking travel as much fun as going on holiday.

We redesigned Jetstar’s global websites and eCommerce platform from the ground up, keeping the customer at the heart of the experience, iteratively testing and rolling out 22 websites in 9 languages across 14 regions.