Immersive global VR platform

Immersive global VR platform

General Motors

We re-imagined the test-drive with CoDriver, an activation that showcased the features of a vehicle through virtual tours of Dubai, New Zealand and Australia.

The results

The idea became a global platform, gaining over $1.2 million worth of earned media.

The challenge

How could we bring each car's unique features to life in an innovative way?

We had to create an activation that generated attention, inspiration and curiosity, and outweighed the interest for competitors. More than an activation, we had to rethink the whole test drive process across all of GM's platforms. What if you could experience what a vehicle can really do, and at the same time, be transported to places around the world you've always wanted to go?

The solution

We designed a multi-sensory installation to create unforgettable test-drives.

CoDriver features rich story lines that traversed some of the world's most spectacular landscapes, from New Zealand's South Island, to the rolling sand dunes of United Arab Emirates. Shot with a 3D-printed GoPro sphere mount, the footage was combined with advanced audio equipment to capture atmosphere and vehicle feedback - so you felt the bumps like you were there.