Bruises Can Be Good

Bruises Can Be Good

Reebok India

This campaign demonstrated and drove awareness of Reebok’s commitment to support women in India.

The results

Since launch, over 20,000 people have signed for a petition to make self defense a mandatory part of college for female students - demonstrating Reebok's contribution to driving positive social change.

The challenge

Raising awareness of Reebok’s support of women.

Reebok India wanted to demonstrate its brand commitment to female empowerment to a tough Indian market.

The brand wanted to extend its message of #FitToFight and ensure that every woman exhibits the fighting spirit. To do this, it had to find a way to ensure that every woman should know how to protect and defend herself.

Our insight was that 39 crimes against women are reported every hour, and in the last decade, the country has seen an 83% increase in reported cases of violence against women. How could Reebok help women across the whole of India?

The solution


Our idea was to leverage International Women’s Day as a cultural moment when everyone’s celebrating and honouring strong women to get the nation talking.

We created a campaign that would drive petition signatures that would make real change happen across the whole of India. 

To build momentum, we placed unidentified and bruised women at different locations across India to shock Indians.

Then on International Women’s Day, we created a social experiment bringing people from all walks of life face-to-face with a bruised woman.  We then asked the audience to guess the reason behind her bruises. 85% of them claimed the cause of her bruises was physical violence, bringing to light a cruel truth – violence against women is so common in India that a bruised woman is assumed to be a victim.

At the end of the experiment, we revealed the identity of the bruised woman – a mixed martial artist. This professional sportswoman was #FitToFight and her bruises are the medals of her sport. The film then concluded with a request to sign the petition to make self-defence education mandatory for female students.