A shared screen experience

A shared screen experience


To simplify the banking experience we created Banker Desktop, a unified shared screen experience that allows customers to take charge of their financial health.

The results

We were able to reduce the loan application time from 1hr to 10min.

The challenge

How could we digitize a paper process, reduce application time and provide valued banking information?

Previously ANZ’s staff navigated over 13 complex systems to perform tasks for customers and re-entered the same information multiple times. The process was labor intensive, and outdated with the banker sitting opposite the customer. The reality is, banking is a chore – it’s not something people like to do, so we needed to make it simple and add real value to the customer in the process.

The solution

We created a shared screen experience that helped customers take charge of their financial health.

We crafted a model that represents the often fragmented and nonlinear nature of conversations between the customer and banker allowing a seamless and transparent banking experience. ANZ Banker Desktop gives customers the ability to visit multiple branches across multiple channels, whilst maintaining a consistent and speedy banking experience.