Virtual plumbing from Brødrene Dahl


Virtual plumbing from Brødrene Dahl

What is Denmark’s largest plumbing wholesaler and digital frontrunner up to as this year’s plumbing trade show approaches? This year Brødrene Dahl will be giving their customers and business associates a virtual reality experience, conceptualised and constructed by Magnetix Linked by Isobar.

Professionalism, celebration and competition

In brief, it is all about connecting pipes in a virtual bathroom and getting the job finished on time. Not by oneself, but with the assistance of a workmate, thereby highlighting the fact that this year Brødrene Dahl are celebrating 150 years of cooperation with Denmark’s plumbers. Since the challenge is all about getting the job done on time, it makes sense to make it part of a competition and pick the trade show’s quickest team.

Turning branding into a game

Christian Agger, Marketing Director at Brødrene Dahl, regards the project as yet another example of the value of daring to break new ground: “It supports our brand and shows that we are willing to try out new technology, if it can provide customers with a positive experience and add an extra dimension to our relationship. In this case we have literally turned branding into a game.” 

An awesome concept for both of us

“It’s an awesome concept, because it presents Brødrene Dahl to plumbers in a fun and engaging way,” adds Jimmi Eriksen of Magnetix Linked by Isobar. “At the same time, it demonstrates our expertise in this area. Virtual reality adds another string to our bow. In the future it will be a significant growth area.”

Initially, the virtual reality plumbing challenge will be used at the VVS ‘17 trade fair in Odense at the end of April. The idea is then to send the equipment on a tour of Brødrene Dahl’s shops, giving lots more plumbers the chance to see whether their virtual skills can match their expertise in the real world.


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