Lokfu Wong among Asia’s Most Exciting Creative Technologists


Lokfu Wong among Asia’s Most Exciting Creative Technologists

Creative technology in Asian advertising is an area of endless opportunities. The sheer vastness of countries like China make digital the most suitable method to communicate with consumers in far-flung areas.

Isobar China Senior Interaction Designer, Lokfu Wong, recently spoke to LBB Online about the use of creative technology in China.

What makes Shanghai so exciting right now?

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China and is always leading the market. While it isn’t a city that creates new technology, it is a good place to experiment with technology. Being diverse and cosmopolitan, there are a lot of forward-thinking people and they all want a piece of the cake (or a slice of the pie).

The clients recognise that if they want to grab market share, they need to do something different to attract consumers (and show the world how innovative they are). On the other side, agencies and creatives are using new technology to create something unique to stand out.

So ultimately, it is a win-win, as agencies and creatives always have support from the clients to execute a creative technology project.

Which other city in Asia is exciting you? Why?

Tokyo is one city that I always keep an eye on. Magic always happens when ‘cold’ technology meets a ‘warm’ human touch, and the Japanese are good at bringing them together. This is especially in the areas of robotics, be it an art piece or commercial.

Which piece of technology do you think will make the biggest impact on the ad industry in the next year and why?

I think artificial intelligence will give us a lot more surprises in the coming year. Usually, we know what the outcome from our work is because we have to decide on the results we want to achieve from all the different situations. But with AI it is constantly learning on its own, it can end up surprising people.

What is your all-time favourite piece of tech and why?

I really like things that can enable me to interact with people. So my favourite piece of technology would have to be physical computing. It forms a bridge between human and machine, allowing humans to talk and play with machines. I always get excited when there is something new in this space, because it means we might have new ways of interacting, and possibly even changing human behaviour.

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