Isobar studio game ‘Death Squared’ launches in Japan


Isobar studio game ‘Death Squared’ launches in Japan

SMG Studio, Isobar’s gaming experts from Australia, has announced that their award winning game Death Squared has been launched to the Japanese Market on the Nintendo Switch. Death Squared consists of 156 levels of co-op puzzle fun.

SMG partnered with Circle Ent. Under the new name “RORORORO” the game includes cute new hats and full translations for a Japanese audience. The launch was a cross-Isobar collaborative effort with the help of our team in Japan to thank for the perfectly crafted translations.

More info on Nintendo’s site here.

Perfect for Nintendo’s latest console, the game is a couch co-operative puzzler. It sees players work together to help a team of robots escape an ominous laboratory. With puzzles designed around cooperation, requiring every player to survive for the group to advance, one false step can send the whole team back to square one. Luckily, each misstep comes with an instant respawn allowing groups to quickly put newfound information to use.  

Earlier this year, the game launched on Nintendo Switch ranking at number three in Nintendo’s eShop charts. You can read about the news here. To learn more about Death Squared, visit the game's official website.


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