Isobar’s Cannes Lion Award Contenders 2019


Isobar’s Cannes Lion Award Contenders 2019

In 2018 Isobar US won a Cannes Lions Grand Prix in Digital Craft for Aeronaut, a world-first VR experience for William Patrick Corgan (aka Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins). Isobar’s entries in 2019 demonstrate the breadth of our agency offering, and our ability to fuse digital and creativity to deliver experience-led transformation. Click below to watch the case studies from each of the submissions.

Volkswagen “Road Tales”
Isobar and Volkwagen helped ignite children's imaginations on car journeys through location-based audiobooks. 

Coca-Cola “Message In A Fanta”
Isobar and Fanta created an Instagram Live Challenge to create the biggest social campaign for the brand across summer. 

HUAWEI Mate 20 “Groundhog and Eagle”
Watch this delightful 1:30 spot that uses cute CGI characters to communicate the strengths of Huawei

HUAWEI Mate 20 “Taking the Moon"
This ad tells the story of a spaceman attempting to photograph the moon, a series of hilarious mistakes ensue but he eventually takes the shot using Huawei's wide-angle zoom.

KFC “Gintama Live”
Isobar and KFC leveraged Gintama IP to create a holistic brand experience that enabled anime fans to live their culture. 

NETT “Boys to Tampons”
This 2017 campaign for Nett Tampons created a dialogue with young girls by exposing how little young boys knew about Tampons - it has been entered into creative effectiveness lions.

KFC Pocket Store
This e-commerce experience enabled Chinese consumers to open their own KFC Store and sell chicken

Annapurna Pictures “Missing Link Adventures”
To extend Missing Link beyond the cinema, Isobar created an Alexa skill that combines voice and visuals to create an adventure for family members of all ages. 

Her Courage Lessons 
This campaign uses the power of nursery rhymes to encourage parents question the way they are raising their girls

Danbolig “Neighbourhood”
For real-estate agent Danbolig, Isobar created a new digital service that allows you to explore Denmark's 2,000 neighbourhoods

Budweiser “Bud 42”
Isobar worked with Spike Lee to create a campaign celebrating Jackie Robinson, who was born 100 years ago for Budweiser.

Isobar partnered with director and producer Dominic Allen to create Carriberrie, a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) film celebrating the depth and diversity of Indigenous dance, music and song.

Cat VR
Isobar created ‘Cat VR’, the world’s first – and tiniest – Virtual Reality experience, the campaign suggested that the zoo was providing cats with unique experiences that excite their senses.

Momatu is a dedicated mobile app for parents to capture, share and relive favourite moments - ensuring a child’s special moments take centre stage, in a private, safe environment.

Cannes Lions announced the shortlist for Glass Lion for Change, Innovation Lions and Titanium Shortlists ahead of the festival and will share the winning work during the week of the festival.


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