Isobar Nowlab creates the Bravest Fridge in the World


Isobar Nowlab creates the Bravest Fridge in the World

To demonstrate the power of IoT this Halloween, Isobar Nowlab in China adapted Shelfie, an experiential retail experience, to create the ‘Bravest Fridge in the World’.

The initiative was born out of the teams asking themselves "how do we incorporate new technologies into the retail space?" Their answer was to adapt Shelfie, an IoT product that connects different innovative technologies from Facial Recognition to Analytics, into a single Fridge.

The team then used the technology as a platform to design a variety of creative user interactions and collect data.

Their concept for Halloween was ‘The Bravest Fridge in the World’ where free booze was stocked in a fridge that would only open when it was scared by the user. Using a QR Code, users were brought to a WeChat page that invited them to scare the Fridge. Through a connected custom camera rig, the Fridge analyzed the user's appearance to see if it deemed them scary enough. If the fridge was scared enough - voila! - the fridge then opens, transforming your typical retail experience into something much more interesting.


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