Isobar launches "Make Space Yours" in Egypt


Isobar launches "Make Space Yours" in Egypt

This week, Digital Republic Linked By Isobar, our agency in Egypt, and partners Wild Guanabana and NGO Injaz, launched “Make Space Yours”,project to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in schools and universities in Egypt. The campaign aims to inspire people from over 100 schools and universities across Cairo and the rest of the country by engaging them in space competitions on a national level. 

University students will be required to submit experiment ideas to be tested in micro-gravity. The winning idea will accompany astronaut and explorer, Samra, on his space flight aboard the XCOR Aerospace. The competition is open throughout the academic year to allow maximum engagement from students.    

The team will conduct a series of sessions to introduce the competition to students at the Egyptian Universities to create a strong sense of excitement and engagement about space. A road-show will follow targeting Universities in other Egyptian Governorates including Alexandria, Sinai, Suez and Upper Egypt.

School students will be required to submit a maximum of 1000-word research paper describing their vision of building a colony or spaceships travelling to other planets and moons. The competition will launch every 3 months; and winning students will participate in a 3-day intensive educational space camp organized by Wild Guanabana and its youth arm Muricata.  

Led by the Egyptian founder of Wild Guanabana, Omar Samra, the project is supported by XCOR Aerospace, who are providing technical expertise, and NGO Partner Injaz who is responsible for school and University outreach and management. As project partner, Digital Republic Linked by Isobar is responsible for the project’s brandingsocial content creation and marketing strategy.

The first phase will launch in Cairo on 23rd November, with a team of four including Mohamed Sallam, the only Egyptian and Arab astronaut candidate at Mars One; Ahmed Farid, scientist astronaut candidate at Project PoSSUM; Amr Abdel Wahab, Founder and CEO of Astrotrips; and Hamed Gamal, Chapter Head Egypt at The Mars Society.

Commenting on the initiative, Samra said:” ‘Make Space Yours’ represents a great platform to inspire youth about space science; identify and develop young talents; and eventually develops into a pillar of community outreach and dialogue among industry professionals for space experiments and innovations”. 

“Considering the age group of the target youth, and through Digital Republic as project partner, we have invested heavily in the digital media to maximize our reach and engagement and participation. A dedicated website and social media engines platforms will be developed to guide and update students throughout the project’s timeline”, added Samra.

Digital Republic CEO, Karim Khalifa, said: "The cosmos has intrigued and fascinated mankind for millennia. Humans are explorers and curious by nature, in particular children and teenagers. When Omar Samra approached us to support the 'The Make Space Yours’ project, it was a no brainer. The program is designed to help youth break through tough challenges and develop innovative ideas through the creative use of technology. The project personifies our belief of Ideas Without Limits.”

Digital Republic Linked by Isobar is also unveiling their space-themed Nowlab space at Riseup 2016, one of the regions top technology and entrepreneurship youth summits, as part of the campaign.

With its initial launch in Egypt, ‘Make Space Yours’ project hopes to expand to the United Arab Emirates and other regional Arab destinations afterwards. Literally, watch this space!

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