Isobar Hong Kong CD discusses the downside of 'normal' in drag queen talk


Isobar Hong Kong CD discusses the downside of 'normal' in drag queen talk

Diversity is often talked about at length at industry conferences. At Spikes Asia this year, the conversation broke the mould with Gianni Gurnani’s Masters of Creativity session, ‘Culture Misfit — A Drag Queen’s Take on Talent’.

A creative director by day, and drag queen performer at night, 'Gigi' as he is known on stage, discussed what is truly blocking increased diversity in creative departments, and called for change to the hiring process. He explained, “when you hire for culture fit, diversity doesn’t happen”.

The presentation opened with an entertaining rendition of “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, a first for Spikes Asia. Gurnani said, “You need to find people who change the DNA of your agency, because what good agency doesn’t keep reinventing itself”. The medium of Drag is also a lesson for creative departments because “Drag queens subvert norms” and Gurnani encouraged creative departments to use a more subversive philosophy in their thinking and hiring.

Gurnani then shared tips on how to remove unconscious bias and appreciate brilliant creatives for who they are. He summed up “When there’s a normal, there’s also a not normal,” and that ultimately leads to bias.

At Isobar, we’re proud of our commitment to supporting diversity, and a better workplace for all. Find out more about our work in Isobar Hong Kong here.


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