Isobar Global CCO reveals the transformation story that we’re all forgetting at Advertising Week LATAM


Isobar Global CCO reveals the transformation story that we’re all forgetting at Advertising Week LATAM

Watch Ronald's full session below

We are being transformed by technology, and we are looking for ways to connect differently with consumers; but we have not realized enough who we are transforming for? Are the transformative experiences we create really imagined for humanity?"

Ronald Ng opened his presentation at Advertising Week LATAM reflecting on the term "transformation," and was keen to stress that we are at a critical moment for companies and brands to transform into this era of disruption. Humanity must always be served for the potential of technology, data, performance and the creation of successful brands to disrupt legacy businesses.

"The connections are walls, and now they look like exclusivity. Digital transformation happens when you connect the data and the creativity and you understand for whom we are transforming everything. The experience leads to the transformation empowered by the creativity designed by humanity; because we are only transforming by transforming, and if you are talking about technology and adapting it just for the sake of it, you are going to fail." he added.

He stressed that in order to be successful as agencies we need to understand data and personalisation to speak in a language that consumers feel understood, respected (and definitely not bombarded with messages!).

Ronald gave the example that, before a television ad was produced, millions of dollars was invested in its media promotion and if the product or service was not sold well, the lack of investment was blamed. But the scenario has changed.

Today the goal is to offer amazing experiences for brands. "When we and technology coexist in harmony, our potential reaches its maximum," Ronald explained said. He said that we must take advantage of the data to try to reach the subjects individually. "You need to talk to people one-on-one; otherwise, you will not succeed."

Ronald also introduced Augmented Humanity, a concept that aims to capture what happens when humans work in technology and machine intelligence to expand and enrich life. ​You can read about it in Isobar's 2019 Trends report here.

"Remember that the client is human," he said. Each experience that we are designing for each client, has to be for the customer to love our brand.

He referred to three essential things to ensure the success of our work: human needs (what is the problem to solve, see that as an opportunity), talk one-on-one with the client, and see the person as someone relevant and not as a "simple client".

"The experience leads us to transformation, and you will not be innovative if you do not implement creativity. Creativity is not unique to the creativity department. Information scientists are part of that creative solution, those who work with the data, they will be the creatives of the future in a few years."

And closed with an inspiring quote from Charlie Chaplin: "We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity."​

Watch Ronald's full session below:


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