Flock Linked by Isobar ranked number one digital agency


Flock Linked by Isobar ranked number one digital agency

Isobar's Mexico based digital agency, Flock Linked by Isobar, has been ranked the number one digital agency in Mexico, and was also recognised in the top 10 creative agencies list coming in at number nine, according to Scopen's latest Agency Scope report. The report, which is undertaken every two years to understand the process and performance of agencies as-well-as the perception of professionals and clients, considered more than 700 marketing, advertising and communication experts interviewed between January and May 2017.

Sebastian Tonda, CEO, Flock Linked by Isobar, said, "Flock Linked by Isobar had already been recognised as number one digital agency in 2015. But maintaining leadership in an avant-garde category is very difficult, it's a reason to celebrate."

Flock was founded 2009, and differentiated itself from competitors by defining itself as creative and putting ideas above digital capabilities. However, in 2014, the team decided to become an integrated agency that maintained both creative and digital capabilities. "The result from Scopen tells us that the strategy followed was the right one. Not only did we consolidate ourselves as a digital number one, but we are the only digital-born agency in the top ten, a space dominated by transnationals and more than 40 years of experience," explained Tonda. 

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