Fanta launches ‘The Lens’ Campaign by Isobar Netherlands


Fanta launches ‘The Lens’ Campaign by Isobar Netherlands

As a young-person's drink of choice, Fanta’s ambition is to match the excitement around Coca-Cola and Christmas by leveraging the fun around Halloween. This Halloween, the brand has partnered with Isobar to create and launch Fanta Snapchat Horror lenses, using a three-minute vertical horror film. The strategy was for the campaign itself to be scary, and not to just direct people to use the lenses.

Highly relevant to Fanta’s digital-first audience, the campaign rolls out in ‘real time’ in a Snapchat group chat. The campaign film shows a group of young people on a group voice call who end up in trouble, and little do they know, but an ancient evil has found a new way into the world – through teens' mobile phones and their love of Snapchat. 

Five short Snapchat stories will tease the audience in a three minute movie, and the three minute film is supported by a cinema trailer, Digital Out of Home movie posters and a social campaign. People can scan the Fanta packaging to download the Lens for a limited time. Watch the trailer below.


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