Brian Mikkelsen Inaugurates Tech Lab for High-Speed Innovation

Brian Mikkelsen, Director of the Danish Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Danish Disruption Council, today inaugurated a new innovation lab in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. The purpose of the tech lab is to help companies innovate at a faster speed, testing ideas and translating them into new business. It is the brainchild of Isobar, the technology giant Adobe and Denmark’s largest agency group, Dentsu Aegis Network.

Innovation has a high priority on the national agenda, and all Danish chief executives know that innovation and new approaches to creating value are crucial for their survival. The fact is that Danish companies are threatened by competition from major international players and from small, agile start-ups. However, according to a global innovation study conducted by McKinsey, while as many as 84% of senior executives believe that innovation is paramount, only 6% feel they are succeeding.

Established companies find it extremely difficult to innovate. Not only in Denmark, but throughout the world. They’re simply not made for it. The cause of their success is precisely the thing that also hampers them when it comes to creating something new. What they need is a new way of creating new products, services and experiences. That’s exactly why we’re opening Isobar Nowlab – a hands-on tech lab for all companies in the Nordic region who need to up their innovation capabilities,” explains Mads Bredal, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network.

Innovation for companies who can’t wait

Nowlab is an international concept, in which creative and strategic experts from Dentsu’s digital agency, Isobar, help global brands such as Philips, Diageo and Cadillac to rethink products and customer experiences. Now, in close cooperation with Adobe, Dentsu is launching Isobar Nowlab in the Nordic region and in its most ambitious version to date. Isobar Nowlab will enable innovation professionals to put ideas to the test using technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Isobar Nowlab is not a laboratory for the future, but a workshop where we will create innovation for the here and now. Based on companies’ clients, the market and hands-on knowledge of the latest technologies, designers, concept developers and technologists will work on translating new technology and new business opportunities into real concepts: and not in a couple of years or months, but in a matter of weeks. We’re talking innovation for companies who can’t wait,” explains Mads Bredal.

Partnership as a lever for innovation

Isobar Nowlab is a tangible implementation of the close partnership between Dentsu and Adobe. Dentsu and Isobar link data, creativity and execution power to the technology that Adobe provides. This creates a lever for the innovative solutions which Danish companies so strongly depend on.


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