APAC CSO unpacks effective innovation at Spikes Asia


APAC CSO unpacks effective innovation at Spikes Asia

Sandipan Roy, Isobar's Chief Strategy Officer for APAC spoke at Spikes Asia last week on Why Innovation is a Crapshoot and a Reason for Global Stagnation.

There’s no denying we are in an era defined by one of the lowest productivity growth rates ever.  One big reason is the poor return from innovation agendas. While most organisations are focussed on innovation, they’re dissatisfied with its success. The start-ups failure rate is astoundingly high.

So, is innovation a complete crapshoot? Of course, it’s risky and not for the faint-hearted. How we can increase the predictability of ROI out of innovation initiatives? This session offered a glimpse of the WHY's, WHAT’s and HOW innovation can be made more rewarding without sacrificing the magical unpredictability of the outcome.


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