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Account Manager


From the beginning, mcgarrybowen was built differently, on the simple premise that clients deserve better. So we built a company committed to delivering just that. A company that believes, with every fibre of its being, that it exists to serve clients, build brands, and grow businesses.

At mcgarrybowen we believe: In taking things personally. In throwing ourselves into our work and being passionate about our ideas. In people. Our colleagues are a diverse, creative, outspoken, ambitious, character-rich ocean of talent. In collaboration. Great ideas come from all corners. And they’re burnished by discussion and teamwork. In decency. We love people, who have passion, but aren't egomaniacs or glory hogs. In personal growth. We teach, mentor, and grow the best and brightest, so they become leaders in the field.

About Generali

Generali, a global insurance brand, is a recent and significant win for the Agency.  We are currently developing a global creative idea that will unite their markets under a single marketing campaign, for the first time in their 188 year existence.  This comes with challenges.  Our clients are carrying out global creative origination and production for the first time, and there is complex stakeholder management involved as well as the challenge that our client team ‘don’t always know what they don’t know’. 

In parallel, within the agency, we are building a team from the ground up – both a central global team in London and a network of creative agencies around the world. 

In London, we are looking for bright, enthusiastic and committed individuals who have experience of working on global teams to produce global toolkits of work.  Who understand the challenged and complexities of global creative origination, and who can anticipate some of the pitfalls before they happen. 

It is worth noting that the pace of the account is fast, and decisions are made rapidly.  We need people at all levels who can and will throw themselves into the project and are prepared to do what it takes to keep us moving forward – and who have a natural ability to bounce back from changes in direction, given that things really can change unexpectedly on this piece of business.  This makes the account exciting and fast paced to work on.  It also means that there are huge opportunities to learn and the responsibility is there for those who want to grasp it.

About Account Managers at mcgarrybowen, London

Account Managers at mcgarrybowen can make all the difference, and are the bedrock of any account.  They are crucial in building the clients trust in us in order to create work that lives up to agency ethos of brilliant ideas, impeccably delivered. They are responsible for managing and delivering larger individual client projects and are the key day-to-day driver of the work as it travels through the agency. 

They will have worked in an account handling role within the creative industry for 1.5-3 years, and have gained experience of managing projects from end-to-end, understanding the processes and working autonomously or within their teams to deliver.


  • Is a key contributor to the development of insight, ideas and execution.
  • Can judge an idea, its suitability for the brief and really help the agency team get behind it.
  • Is a key support for the creative team in developing and producing the work.
  • Pulls together project plans and timelines that enable delivery by working alongside specialists within the agency.
  • Owns the creative development and production processes, ensuring that the right reviews, right people and right conversations are taking place.
  • Works alongside Project Management and Production to ensure we keep on track, looks ahead to prevent problems.
  • Helps to keep the work ‘sold’ through the process by helping the client understand how we intend to bring it to life and defending it against changes that impact the idea or consumer response.
  • Uses their understanding of the client’s business and audience insight to develop executions.
  • Understands how to read research feedback, manage client understanding of it, and the importance of the right stimulus to get a better result.


  • Ensures the ‘framework’ of admin is running as it should – timely reports, clear communication, minimises errors.  Upholds professional standards in interaction with our clients across the board.
  • Has excellent client relationships, and is a great ‘shop window’ for the agency to the client.
  • Owns client meetings, ensures clear agendas and clear outcomes agreed.  Can do this independently of the AD or the BD on the business.
  • Develops a sense of commercial opportunities with our clients through understanding their business. 
  • Owns the resource tracking of our work, uses Paprika to support it, and is able to conduct those conversations with client.
  • Constantly monitors scope deliverables and is the owner of the scope of work within the agency.
  • Has a good working knowledge of the regulatory controls for the brands they work on, and navigates the work through the Clearcast, CAP and RACC processes.


  • Understands how the agency makes money.  Actively manages the detail of estimates, purchase orders, invoicing, and reconciliations to ensure financial good practise is followed at all times.   Works with production and project management to ensure relevant resourcing is in place to deliver the project profitably.  Initiates scope conversations with Client where required.
  • Starts to identify opportunities within their client business, working with their Account Director and Business lead to generate organic growth for the agency.
  • Understands and actively looks for opportunities in the DAN network, and within mgb internationally.