Improving Mobile Site Speed

Improving Mobile Site Speed


By working with our team, Asda managed to improve mobile site speed by over 75%, beating the retail industry best practice.

The results

As a result, mobile conversion by was boosted by 31% and an estimated revenue increase of £10m annually. In addition, Asda experienced an 11-point increase in Net Promoter score.

"We’ve been able to demonstrate that the sum of the parts really is greater. Fostering cross-functional collaborative working across analysts, developers, product and SMEs has delivered greater innovation, pace, and quality outputs than before."

Stephen Langford, eCommerce Director, Asda

The challenge

Load Times Slowing Growth

Asda faced technical challenges in improving load times for the George.com mobile site.

Benchmarks had shown that there was potential to optimise site speed and create a far superior customer experience, but it needed to empower its cross-discipline teams to create systems to prioritise and react quickly to customer experience cul-de-sacs and potential areas of frustration.

The solution

Introducing Squads

Isobar worked with Asda to improve agility between the product, technology, customer feedback and communications teams on its George.com site by introducing "Squads" and "Super Squads".

Inspired by the strategies adopted by fast-growing start-ups like Spotify, Asda adopted a squad-driven approach to innovation. Squads were given enormous independence, checking their work back into core teams periodically. This allowed great collaboration across our team and Asda to work in a flexible manner that allowed them to push the benefits of agility.

Co-location was key to improving Customer satisfaction and Retention, with our team working with Asda on-site and integrating their resources tightly into Asda’s team and workflows. The developers and QA team weren’t just spending time coding; they were directly engaging with the business problem and the relevant stakeholders. This immersion led to even greater results.

We then applied this "Squad" structure to improving mobile speed with a clear target of improving the site speed load time of two seconds.