Why the future of retail is brand commerce


Why the future of retail is brand commerce

We live in an age of blurred boundaries. A host of new technologies, from connected stores to social commerce, have transformed the relationship between content and commerce, shopping and storytelling. Where once the gap between points of inspiration and points of transaction was immense, technology is bringing them ever closer together.

The result is that shopping is no longer an occasion, it is always-on. US technologist Linda Stone coined the expression “Continuous Partial Attention” some years back. A phrase that perfectly captures our desire “to connect and be connected continuously, enabling us to effectively scan for opportunity and optimise for the best opportunities, activities, and contacts, in any given moment”.

We now live in an age of continuous partial shopping – a world where we are constantly evaluating, assessing, shortlisting and exploring.

This transformation is being powered by three key themes:
- New expectations: the on demand economy
- New narratives: the democratisation of influence
- New interfaces: the rise of invisible commerce

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