Isobar’s Tim Doherty champions quality content at ADC Creative Conference


Isobar’s Tim Doherty champions quality content at ADC Creative Conference

Last week, Isobar Asia Pacific Chief Creative Officer, Tim Doherty, took to the stage at Art Director’s Club Creative Conference ‘From Zero to Hero’ in Prague.

Here he spoke about the vital role of quality content in today’s increasingly challenging digital landscape for brands. With online ad blocking software becoming more sophisticated, and towards paid-for models, Tim stated that “Advertising has become a tax for the poor”. The Ad blocking market share continues to rise, and is fast becoming a key challenge for both single market brands, and global brands. Tim added, “People who have money pay for online experiences without ads. Those cannot have to suffer.”

This means that the role of the creative agency, and the ad industry as a whole, is more important than ever before. He stressed the need to create content that people want to see, engage and interact with. He explained, “The role of the creative agency is to create more ambitious, bigger and better ideas than ever before. We must create content that provokes interaction.” Tim showed two great examples of this, Vicks India #TouchOfCare and Ocean Skin Dark Day.

With the advancements in programmatic media, Tim also reiterated that having a multitude of strong creative ideas is just as important than the traditional, singular ‘big’ idea, and to focus on technology’s role within creativity as a ‘helper’, not a ‘doer’. This point was compounded by Isobar China’s Coke Shelfie work, and Isobar Brazil’s Fiat Safe Key.

In the final stages of the presentation, he cited that quality content can attract people to a brand, and also has the ability to encourage transactions immediately. “When people interact with your content, they are directly interacting with your brand. Immerse them, delight them, and make them feel valued. Every consumer touchpoint has the potential to become a transaction.”

To find out more about the ADC Creative Conference in Prague, click here.

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