Isobar Commerce India hacks Voice Tech in Live Event


Isobar Commerce India hacks Voice Tech in Live Event

Voice-enabled technology has had a strong consumer uptake in the last twelve months, which has led to a growing appetite among brands to build voice-enabled experiences that look to build stronger relationships with their customers.

With this in mind, Isobar Commerce India recently ran a 24-hour hackathon, hosted in the team’s Pune office, focussing on leveraging the power of voice assistants. The five teams were tasked with a broad brief - using either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to improve customer experiences.

The team’s prototypes ranged from a voice-activated personal health assistant, to a voice search functionally enabling customers to locate products instore, and even a voice-enabled website navigator.

After presenting back to a panel of judges, two teams were selected to turn their ideas into full prototypes.

Using the Google Assistant API and machine learning technology Dialogflow, one team of hackers looked to remove ‘touch’ from the online shopping experience by linking Google Assistant with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The experience was designed to allow customers to search on a retailer’s website for items, select a size, colour and checkout without the need for typing or touching. The prototype also allows customers to search for items on promotion.

Another team used database tool MongoDB and the Google Assistant API to build an application that enables users to update and maintain a health profile via voice command.

The application suggests exercise and diet plans for the user, and where to purchase products to help with achieving their goals.

Isobar Commerce India Development Manager, Jayant Singh, said about the importance of the hackathon, “Basing the hackathon around voice is a great opportunity for us to break in this new technology and act as a catalyst for the next generation of ecommerce development.”

For more information on the hackathon outcomes and how we’re using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to improve the customer experience, contact Alex Hamilton.

Pune, India

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