FashMash Pioneers: The future of voice beyond Amazon Alexa


FashMash Pioneers: The future of voice beyond Amazon Alexa

In partnership with Isobar UK, FashMash Pioneers returns on the 24th September with William Tunstall-Pedoe, the "father" of Amazon Alexa, taking to the stage to discuss the future of voice technology.

With new voice-enabled devices infiltrating a growing number of consumers’ homes, workplaces and even cars, the future of artificial intelligence (AI) is looking increasingly personal.

But what does this technology really have in store? Will we all have virtual assistants we rely on day-to-day down the line? How will that change the way we shop? And how can brands leverage voice as an interface?

At Isobar, we believe voice technology and AI should be used to enhance human interaction and not replace it.

We also realise that the long-term success of voice-enabled technologies depends on three factors:

(1) The ability of Amazon, Apple and others to develop the technology to maturity.

(2) The way in which voice will complement other emerging technologies.

(3) The appetite among brands and retailers to create new, functional or compelling experiences on the platforms.

Join us on 24 September to learn more from the founder of the hottest consumer technology product of the last few years.

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