Cutting Through the Hype: Defining your tech strategy & driving results


Cutting Through the Hype: Defining your tech strategy & driving results

Isobar & Retail Week have published  a white paper  to help retailers strategise their technology investments in 2019. Any technology investments should be naturally aligned to a core customer need and will depend on which stage of digital transformation a retailer or brand may find themselves in.  

The white paper argues the importance of focusing on customer experience driving experience at the front end, both in store and online is critical. In addition, the need for clean data before making any investments is a prerequisite. The state of a retailer’s data should determine its future investment priorities. Taking care of back of house operations is a necessity for business growth – further generating an increase in ROI. 

The white paper covers:

1. Prioritising your technology investment 

2. Investing in the customer experience 

3. Getting the basics right – back of office 

4. The investment roadmap (7 key steps) 

Isobar's Alex Hamilton, Head of Innovation Projects, said, Retailers need to evaluate their technology capabilities and create a roadmap that highlights where they can be better utilised or replaced, plus identify where new technologies can deliver. Doing so will help them achieve a point of difference and win when it comes to customer experience.”

Download the white paper here. If you experience any issues, please contact HelloIsobarUK@isobar.com for the full document.


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