Article 50: Views from Adland as Official Brexit Steps Begin


Article 50: Views from Adland as Official Brexit Steps Begin

England's Prime Minister, Theresa May, triggered Article 50 on Wednesday 29th March 2017, meaning formal negotiations for Britain to leave the European Union is underway. But what does this mean for Adland? Isobar UK Chief Strategy Officer, Pats McDonald, recently spoke to Little Black Book Online about the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Any agency is only as good as its ability to attract and retain diverse talent. Post Article 50, we must focus on securing the flow of fresh, diverse talent to our industry by protecting the rights of the many brilliant EU nationals currently employed by the industry – and those we haven’t yet discovered. In parallel, of course, we must work harder to open up opportunity to sectors of the UK population currently under-represented in our agencies. This isn’t just a nice or politically correct thing to do, it is imperative if the UK advertising industry is to remain a world leader. Significant proportions of our revenue come from developing global or pan-European campaigns and those clients demand diverse and culturally connected teams. If London can no longer provide, they will seek alternative centres of excellence.

Read the full piece in LBB Online here.

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