Boys React  To Tampons

Boys React To Tampons


We launched a campaign to break down barriers and start conversations.

The results

The campaign drove over 3 million views on YouTube and Facebook for Tampon Brand Nett achieved with only €45k of media investment. The film had nearly 50,000 interactions and and 17,000 social media comments, 99% of which were positive.

The challenge

Teenage girls don't want to talk about periods

A woman's first period is still a taboo for teenagers, and it can have serious consequences. Nett needed a way to provide information (and the risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome) whilst appealing to a young, nervous audience and proving that there's no need to worry when it comes to talking about periods.

The solution

Open the conversation

Isobar helped Nett kick-start conversation with this young female audience, by freeing them from embarrassment and inviting them to talk about their first periods. Our idea was to show we show how much girls knew compared to boys of the same age.

By downplaying the girls' lack of knowledge and bypassing their embarrassment, the campaign gave young people  the confidence to talk about periods, worry-free.