Boys React        To Tampons (Nett)

Boys React To Tampons (Nett)


A touching and funny experience by Nett and Isobar


The results

3 307 268 views on Youtube and Facebook with only 45k of media investment.

49 639 interactions

16 225 comments of which 99% were positives

The challenge

A discussion without taboo

Young boys between 13 and 14 years old came for a casting call. Surprisingly they are facing a box of Nett tampons and were asked to manipulate and tell what they know about them.

We witness, for some of them, a genuine discovery as they assume that they have a space rocket or a firecracker in their hand.

In Western countries, Ignorance and taboos concerning first periods are still strong among teenage girls. It can lead to a lack of information that can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.

The solution

Include boys

The strategy was to start a conversation with a young female audience (13-17 years old) and give them more freedom to talk about their first periods: a taboo subject where the lack of information can be harmful.

The goal was to downplay the lack of knowledge and to bypass teenage girls’ embarrassment by giving them a voice. We were showing them that other people can be even more ignorant and that an important subject can be discussed lightly.

 So, the creative idea was to engage those who know even less about tampons: boys.