Business Transformation

For over a decade, Isobar has been helping brands to answer one question: how do we adapt and reinvent ourselves to thrive in a world where digital has changed consumers’ behaviours and expectations beyond recognition? With the new wave of digital-first brands raising the bar on seamless and integrated products and services, it has become imperative for all brands to look, feel and behave just right, all the time, no matter where a consumer is, or what they’re trying to get from you.

We take the confusion and jargon out of Digital Transformation with a clear and simple process that can align the most complex of businesses towards a common destination – a perfect brand experience that increases brand desire while driving performance through the sales funnel. Our enterprise-wide approach means we align and deliver on objectives across the C-suite, incorporating product, brand, sales, operations and technology needs in one roadmap.

Our simple three-phase approach to Digital Transformation:

Build a new Brand Experience – based on our industry leading research techniques, we create a Brand Experience Vision – a North Star to inspire and align the most senior stakeholders across the business, and to act as a compass for the rest of the program. Detailed functional requirements are drawn up to define the role of each of the places where our consumer might touch the brand; and the necessary underlying technologies and data capabilities are determined and scoped. A roadmap to deliver the experience is created, with an emphasis on finding immediate opportunities that can improve the brand experience today.

New Venture Inception we help conceive and deliver new business opportunities, brands and products. Using our Brand Beacon program, we develop products and ideas into saleable consumer propositions, with tightly defined target audiences, business models, brand look and feel and launch plans.

Organisational Change – adapting entrenched cultures to new ways of working is never easy. A key facet of Digital Transformation is a design and implementation of organisational change. We identify capabilities and processes required to achieve the both the new brand experience and any new ventures; define the impact of executing the change; and plan for the continuity and communication of the changes as they are effected and operationalised.

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