Live the #EVERYDAYC1TYBREAK Experience with Citroën and Isobar


Live the #EVERYDAYC1TYBREAK Experience with Citroën and Isobar

You no longer need to wait for the weekend for a City Break: with #EVERYDAYC1TYBREAK you can go on an urban escapade every day.. Your city is fun!


So why wait? The Citroën C1, for the real city-dweller, demonstrates this surprisingly well!


With #EVERYDAYC1TYBREAK, Isobar diffuses its Feel Good philosophy on Fyuse. Have you ever heard of Fyuse? It is the new social network for sharing pictures in a new way. No photo, or gif, Fyuse are pictures that you can liven up manually using your mobile's gyroscope!


Citroën is the first vehicle manufacturer to experiment with this innovate format, that is really fitting for its catchphrase: "Créative Technologie!"  

Isobar has developed a complete ecosystem for better resonance: a hub, the Tumblr, that hosts all Fyuses and relays everything on Facebook and Twitter. Every day from September 30 to October 5, enjoy a Fyuse experience, created and provided by Isobar.

Sign up through the events section of Tumblr, brim-full of fun content!

Courbevoie, France

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