The first 100% mobile car configurator on Facebook


The first 100% mobile car configurator on Facebook

In connection with the launch of the Nouvelle C3, Citroën, with the help of the agency Isobar, has developed a unique configurator on Facebook which is 100% mobile. In five steps, mobile users can configure the main customizable elements of the Nouvelle C3: the color of the body, the color of the roof, with or without Airbump®, the interior and the wheel rims.

The Nouvelle Citroën C3 has a total of 1,152 customizable options, which are made visible thanks to the first configurator launched today in the form of a Facebook Immersive Canvas. Mobile users can use it to configure the new Citroën C3 according to their taste without leaving the Facebook app.

At the forefront of digital innovation, Citroën is giving its customers a new experience while benefiting from a completely new function offered by Facebook: the opportunity to connect multiple Facebook Immersive Canvas units. In December 2015, Citroën because the first car manufacturer in France to use the Facebook Immersive technology with Citroën E-MEHARI.

Today, with this configurator, Citroën is making a new step, because in order to enable all the possible custom options of the car, 498 different Facebook Canvas units had to be created. Their combination during configuration allows for 1152 versions of Nouvelle C3 – an amazing technical achievement!

Immersive Canvas is an experience optimized for mobile and native to Facebook, and has loading times which are well below those of a mobile site. Thus, instead of going to the Citroën website, it’s the Brand who visits the mobile user’s account via an instant path: with a simple click on the published advert, a new window will appear, allowing the mobile user inside. This window can also be closed easily so that you can return to your Facebook account.

This unparalleled digital initiative started today.

Learn about the experience through a video presentation ( and at


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