Virtual 360° Caribbean Cruise

Virtual 360° Caribbean Cruise


Travel agency Tjäreborg wished to showcase their Caribbean Cruise product, for which Isobar Finland developed an in-depth 360-video. People can now view and experience the destination and Allure Of The Seas cruise ship in a new fashion, bringing them one step closer to actually being there.

The results

The viewing durations on YouTube of Tjäreborg's 360 videos have been even six times longer than the duration of customary videos.

The challenge

Tjäreborg wanted to break the conventional “rich seniors tanning on a Royal Caribbean” image of Caribbean cruises, and find new target groups with the possibilities of 360° video.

The solution

360° videos enable the possibility to stand out of ordinary video ads to the advertiser. It brings the user to real interaction with the product. The video must be planned so that it’s serving the product. 360° video is also a real mobile first -solution as it’s character comes into it’s own with mobile devices – as you can 'turn the camera’ simply by turining the device or your body.

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