Rough Day

Rough Day

Sonera X

Sonera X is mobile operator Sonera's youth concept that offers 15% discounts to anyone between 18 to 25 years old. To raise brand perception among our target group, we hooked up with three popular artists and created the first Instagram game ever in Finland, in purpose to take over one of the most popular social media channels of our target group.

The results

The target group was stoked about the Instagram game: 143 348 likes. 1832 comments. The amount of SoneraX's Instagram followers nearly doubled.

The challenge

Brand awareness and positive perception

Our goal was to support long-term sales by building brand awareness and positive brand perception among the target group. By experience we knew that the best way to engage them and drive sales was to be genuine, relevant and visible.

The solution

Missions varied

In each game the player’s were tasked with guiding the artists through their “Rough Day”. They were given two options within every image, which could change the outcome of the story. The missions varied from taking the artist to their venue, finding lost teeth jewelry, or a guy Diandra had hit her eyes on. Which is how the campaign was named, after this survival experience. The games marketed both Sonera X and the gig. The episodes were launched a couple of weeks before each gig. If you finished the game, you could collect a VIP entrance to the show and a gig survival kit. Games were found from both the campaign site and directly from Instagram. People were driven to play through radio, online, social media advertising, as well as each artist’s own channel.