Isobar successfully launches the latest digital campaign for Huawei


Isobar successfully launches the latest digital campaign for Huawei

The strategy could not be better: 2 Trending Topic on Twitter totally organic in the United States and Spain on the first day of the action, 1 million interactions with publications from influencers and fans and an increase of 800% in engagement to post on the mark compared to the previous season.

This is the successful result of the campaign carried out by the digital agency Isobar (Spain and Shanghai) developed during the month of January on the occasion of the recent presentation of the giant Huawei’s last terminal, "Mate 8" at CES in Las Vegas, the largest consumer electronics show about technology, cars, virtual reality, robotics, 3D printers and wearables.

Huawei, technology brand, has increased its market share in China and Spain, aiming to get a digital impact at a global level among the target interested in technology, business and lifestyle. In order to achieve this, Huawei has not hesitated to entrust the digital agency Isobar to design and implement the amplification content plan which had a team of 12 influencers and 35 Huafans (fans of the brand), who were the protagonists of a series of unique experiences in Las Vegas.

Specifically, the plan of innovative activities, in which guests (influencers and Huafans) tested their terminals, including: climbing the tallest highroller in town, photographing the skyline in the rain, attending the best show of Cirque du Soleil, driving a race car on the professional circuit in Las Vegas, visiting the Valley of Fire desert for a professional shooting and having dinner at the prestigious Bellagio Hotel.

Throughout the project, in order to optimize the results of the action, there was an active real-time monitoring of Influencers and fans publications.

At first, the campaign also featured a teaser phase where influencers launched expectations for their professional and personal projects, expectations that only a mobile as the "Mate 8" could fulfill. Teaser phase culminated with the launch of the new terminal at the press conference during CES in Las Vegas, to continue with a full calendar of content looking to maximize their impact: publications in all social networks, streaming on Periscope or product reviews to amplify product’s characteristics (Full HD screen 6.0 ", 16 MP camera, Dual SIM compatible 4G 217 countries, larger battery of 2.36 days in normal use).

The result got an unprecedented digital impact that once again demonstrated the Isobar’s hegemony as digital agency in the international market.

In the words of Marisa González, Isobar Spain’s Managing Director: "Competition in product functionality and brand awareness are not enough when the nature of the Smartphone means that your customers are connected and the response is almost immediate on social networks. Regarding this, Huawei is a client who understands the mobile market has a lot to do with the consumer experience and has ceased to be a commodity in the world of telecommunications. The proposal was to activate influence marketing in the most technological innovation convention, as CES Las Vegas, with high quality experiences to generate positive brand conversation. In Isobar, it has been considered as a case study".


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