Joy Wang

Technical Director

Prior to Isobar, Joy was at GIGABYTE; with over 20 years experience in advertising and IT, he specializes in system software development, digital marketing application development…

Clients include: 
Intel, Heysong, SONY, Subaru, Pfizer, adidas, Chunghwa Telecom, Philips, Clarins, Johnson & Johnson, Amway, Microsoft, Hennessy, Lays, Nissan, Logitech, Dell, Taipei 101.


  • Philips Innovative Life Lab:

 Designed mind-reading tech to decode brainwaves and turned it into personalized tune, then providing consumers with life healthcare solution according to different emotional tunes.

  • Taipei 101 : The tallest ever wishing wall

Using chatbot to make wishes and the wishes will show on the tallest wishing wall in the world.

  • CLARINS Beauty Chatbot

The chatbot provides a smooth user journey for consumers to receive samples, which successfully increased its conversion rate.

“Face it. Accept it. Solve it. Let it go.”